Wednesday, August 10, 2011


My sister and I were shopping at a cute, local vintage store one day and I came across an old Bingo game.  My Gramma loved to go play bingo and when I saw the game I instantly thought of her.  When our whole family gets together we often will have a bingo game night in honor of her.  The bingo game gave me a fun idea for a collage that encompassed Gramma and would be a nice visual for so many of things that embody her.

 We had a mini-family reunion recently with some of our family and I made each of us a Bingo Collage.  In addition to the bingo cards and the numbers, I included cards because Gramma was always playing at her kitchen table and trying to wrangle others into a game with her.  Everynone has a chicken as she collected them in her kitchen.  All of them are different, but they all contain elements of what I think of when I remember my grandmother.