Monday, September 5, 2011

Paris Street Market

One of my FAVORITE summer activities is going to the Paris Street Market.  It is at a local shopping center the first Saturday of the month May through October.  My sister and I hopefully get out together with our bags and sunscreen and a bottle of water and a hair tie (we learned that one the hard way:) and hit the parking lot.  Usually the trick is to get there early so that you can find a place to park and in the depths of summer so it isn't too hot.

We walk and look, talk and gab, and hopefully come home with something fun, different, special.  We have brought the kids with us, but it is always a little funner when you aren't chasing a wee one, and aren't having heart palpitations as your child runs into someones booth and touches everything at once.

Some time around 11 we head over to Panera and have Barbeque Chopped Chicken Salads and perhaps a frozen lemonade.  Amazing. 

September and October are always my favorite ones because everyone has out fall decorations.  Both my sis and I were very inspired to get home and set up some autumn decos of our own.  I did make some fun pumpkins, but that is a post for another day.

They put a 7-eleven right by the shopping center, so our new tradition is to stop and get slurpees as big as our bodies when we leave.  At the beginning of the summer they had a lime slurpee that when mixed with the cherry is AWESOME!  They haven't had the lime recently, but the old standby of cherry and coke is not sad either.

I will do a post soon on some of my favorite market finds.  I have some really, really good ones.  I just LOVE that you can buy something vintage and original. 

Happy Fall everyone.  There air here has had a very fall feel and some of our leaves are beginning to change.  Always one of my favorite times of the year.