Friday, January 28, 2011

The Horses that Inspired the Blog

These are my horses that inspire the blog name with my kiddo who couldn't love them more as you can tell by the first few pictures.  The one directly above with the cherries is his FAVORITE and he calls it apple.  I have tried to divert him a little from it since it isn't the most masculine, but he is insistent that Apple is his horse and there is no getting around it.  Oh well, a little femininity never hurt anyone.

I have finally posted a few of the horses on etsy, no sales yet, but hopefully someone will like them  .

I have more horses and other projects to add soon.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Turning Wishes into Reality

I stop myself a lot from going the full distance because I am afraid to put myself out there.  I guess I've decided, what it the worst that can happen?  The amazing blogs I have seen of woman creating and doing and shouting it to the world have really inspired me along with a good friend who is an amazing quilter and shares the same passion for fabric that I do.  We have long talks about all the things we WISH we could do and be, ways that we wish our lives were different or better.

So, I have finally decided  that it is time to turn my wishes into reality.