Sunday, February 13, 2011

Toy Cabinet

This summer I was looking for a cabinet to store all of our toys.  I'm sure like most moms, I feel quite overwhelmed by all the toys, EVERYWHERE!  My sister and I love to go the this fun outdoor market the first Saturday of the month throughout the summer.  I looked and looked for a cabinet that would work and finally stumbled across this cabinet.

I did not take a before picture because I was so anxious to get to the project.  The cabinet was highlighter yellow.  I thought maybe it would be okay, but as soon as we got it in the house I knew it had to be painted.  I painted it with a white enamel that we already had and then covered the doors with a couple of cute fabrics that were in my stash.  I have a circle thing going on in the living room, so the circle fabric on the front worked out pretty well.  The inside is a black and white gingham, which is hard to see from the photos. 

The cabinet is working out well, the kiddo knows he can pull whatever he wants out of there, and we are working on the clean up part:)

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