Monday, March 21, 2011

3rd Birthday Madness

Saturday we took on the 3 year old birthday bash.  The kiddo had a great time although for awhile all his friends were playing downstairs and he was entertaining the Grandma types upstairs alone.  I think he liked having the ladies all to himself.

We did a Toy Story theme.  He now has more Toy Story toys than we can possibly play with at any one time.  We heard for months that the wanted a "Big Bullseye."  It was incredibly hard to get a hold without paying a gazillion dollars.  We along with Grammy combed the stores and online and Grammy finally managed to snag one for us for a decent price.   And when he finally got it he didn't really seem that interested.  Who knows?  I am sure eventually it will click.

 'Toe Head is a favorite part of Toy Story at our house.  We made sure he had a place of honor!

The balloons were a huge success with all the kids and made me happy too.

Something fun I started at his 1st birthday party was to make cupcakes for the kids and a bigger cake for the birthday boy and to put candles in all of them.  That way all the kids get to blow out candles and participate, but the birthday kid gets an extra special cake experience.

Goody bags for the kids were filled with stickers and gooey lizards and frogs, pencils, sunglasses, awesome windup robots, and plenty of candy.

This is a good looking group of party friends.  What a bunch of hams!

Are we tired or what????

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