Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gluten Free Cupcakes

For our Birthday Celebration I made lots of cake, cupcakes to take to preschool, cupcakes for the party for non-gluten-free people (which is everyone) and gluten-free cupcakes for the boy.  I have found that the BEST gluten-free products out there are Pamela's.  Her cakes and brownie mixes are excellent and taste like "normal" baked goods.  Her bread mix is really awesome too.  It is heavier and grainier than regular bread, but it is pretty tasty.

For the kiddos cupcakes I used the chocolate cake mix and followed the recipe on the bag.  For the frosting I make a butter cream, but instead of using real butter that seems to upset his belly - given that it is dairy, completely understandable - I used Smart Balance light and powdered sugar.  I didn't even need to add milk because the Smart Balance has a little more liquid in it.  The frosting turned out so yummy and creamy and light.  I really liked it.

If interested about the bread, for some reason the recipe on the back says two cups of liquid which is WAY too much.  I follow the directions on the bag except that I only add 3/4 cup of water or soy milk and I add some honey for sweetness.  It really makes the bread a lot better.

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