Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Dollies

I have done A LOT of modification from my first dolly that I posted awhile back.  I have two new ones done and have plans for a few more with some other skin tones.

My biggest changes were that I made the dolls a little more petite especially in the face and head.  I've worked on the dress quite a bit to make it removable and reversible.  I especially like that it is two sided so that a little girl can change her clothes without having to keep track of a ton of different items.  I added an apron that I think finished it all off nicely.

The blond doll I was really struggling with.  I first had her hair in pigtails.  I'm not sure if it was the hair color - which is pretty yellow - or what, but I was really unhappy with her hair.  So today I did an overhaul of her hair by giving her some Princess Leia buns.  It lifted her whole look up and I was excited by the end result.

I also think I had her clothes wrong.  She had on a blue and red dress which seemed to dark for her complexion.  I went pastel and it helped so, so much.  End of story is that sometimes a little adjustment goes a long, long way.


  1. These dolls are amazing! You made them?! That's so impressive. Do you sell them? If so, please e-mail me the link.

  2. Dolls are available at

    Currently I just have the two, but can custom make any combination that appeals.