Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dressing up the Chair

This chair has a lot of history.  My sister and I used to fight and fight over who got to sit in it when we were kids and then we fought and fought over who would own the chair when Mom wanted to pass it along.  I can't quite remember how I won the possession of said chair, but I did.  WHOOOHHOOOO! (Sorry lovely sister!)  I get that it isn't the most beautiful chair, but it is one of those things from your childhood that you just have to keep. 

Before the kiddo was born we had it recovered in a basic linen and I made this as a baby quilt, but they weren't necessarily designed to go together.   I saw a chair at the Paris Market where the seat had an old quilt on it and loved it, but it was too expensive for I got innovative and combined my chair and quilt. 

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  1. I can't remember either how you ended up with the chair; I may have finally acquiesed. Who knows?? I am glad that you have it and it fits so nicely in the room where it resides. It is lucky to have you to have had it reupholstered and fixed up with the quilt! : )