Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cherry Valance

I bought the cherry fabric that is in the middle of the valance for another purpose.  I really loved the fabric and should have bought more, but you know, hate to buy more than you really need.  Just for fun I had thrown it over the curtain rod in the kitchen to see what it would look like.  It ended up staying up there for about five months.  Yesterday I finally got my act together and sewed it into a real valance, instead of a jagged piece of fabric.

I had a half yard of the cherry fabric and sewed a five inch boarder of red gingham to each side and the bottom.  I was originally going to just leave the valance hanging straight, but it seemed like it needed a little more to it and I just saw a cute tutorial on a valance with the tie ups.  I grabbed a little ribbon, pulled it all the way around and tied the bows.  I definitely like it better with the tie ups.

The valance looks a lot better than a little piece of fabric thrown over a rod.

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